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Test Grating TGQ1





Test grating TGQ1 is intended for:

  • simultaneous calibration in X, Y and Z directions;
  • lateral calibration of SPM scanners;
  • detection of lateral non-linearity, hysteresis, creep and cross-coupling effects.







Grating description


- Si wafer
- the grating is formed on the layer of SiO2

Pattern types

3-Dimensional array of small rectangles


3.0±0,05 µm


20nm ±1,5 nm*

Rectangles side size:

1,5±0,35 µm

Chip size

5x5x0,5 mm

Effective area

central square 3x3 mm


* the average meaning based on the measurements of 5 gratings (from the batch of 300 gratings) by SPM calibrated by PTB certified grating TGZ1. Basic step height can vary from the specified one within ±10% (for example step height can be 22±1.5nm)

Fig.1 SPM image of TGQ1 grating

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