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NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments is delighted to announce our participation at Microscience Microscopy Congress 2019 (mmc2019) will take place from July 01 to 04, 2019, in Manchester, UK.

As with the previous events, you can expect a huge and varied scientific conference alongside Europe's largest free microscopy and imaging exhibition filled with a huge number of free training workshops.

Come and visit our Booth to speak to one of our experts and find out how you can improve the performance of your AFM by means of intellectual ScanTronic software.

Visit the Microscience Microscopy Congress 2019 website by clicking the following link:

For more information on upcoming NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments events and exhibitions please follow link:

06.05.2019, Participation of NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments in spring conferences in Europe

NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments participated at 2nd Photonic and OptoElectronic Materials (POEM) Conference which was held in University College London from the 9th to 12th of April 2019.
At this conference Dr. Vyacheslav Polyakov made a report “Atomic force and scattering scanning near-field optical microscopy of nanomaterials in visible, mid-IR and THz spectral ranges and its application”. This report examined the use of ScanTronic™ technology for scattering SNOM in NTEGRA Spectra II and NTEGRA Nano IR systems.

During the month of May NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments will participate in two conferences. At the ISPM conference a new concept ScanTronic™ of AM-AFM measurements automation will be presented. The corresponding report "The Pathway to Complete AM-AFM Automation" will be delivered by Dr. Vyacheslav Polyakov at the Session X: Novel SPM techniques on Wednesday, May 29 at 14:50. The application of ScanTronic™ technology in NTEGRA, NEXT, VEGA systems will be considered.
At the Spring E-MRS conference come and visit our Booth #55 to speak to one of our experts and find out how you can improve the performance of your AFM by means of intellectual ScanTronic™ software.

Report of Dr. Vyacheslav Polyakov at the 2nd Photonic and OptoElectronic Materials (POEM) Conference

30.04.2019, Webinar “Image Processing and Analysis in Scanning Probe Microscopy: Key Aspects and Receipts”

Image processing and analysis in scanning probe microscopy as well as sample preparation and image acquisition, is one of the critical stages of working with SPM. Results of whole work strongly depend on how the data is processed and analyzed. During the webinar we will go through the main phases of SPM image processing, analyze most common mistakes and give receipts for couple of challenging cases. Second part of the webinar will be devoted to a number of image analysis methods which allow to get the quantitative information from SPM data.
Webinar will be held on Wednesday, May the 15th at 8-9 AM PTD (3-4 PM GMT). Please check your local time zone at the registration page .
Lecturer: Dr. Stanislav Leesment

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