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ProIMAGE Contest


The annual international competition ProIMAGE Contest 2012 has come to the end. It was organized by NT-MDT to show brilliant scientific results obtained with high quality of NT-MDT probes and to discover the beauty of the nanoworld.

NT-MTD thanks all the participants for their attractive images!

The competition was held from July to September inclusive, and collected over 70 AFM-images interesting both from academic and aesthetic points of view. The expert group of NT-MDT marked 23 of them with the finalist icon as the scientifically significant scans.

NT-MDT announces 12 authors of AFM-images who became WINNERS of the ProIMAGE Contest 2012.

They are:

  1. Mr. Shuai Zhang from Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center, Denmark.
  2. Dr. Denis Kurek from Centre "Bioengineering" RAS, Russia.
  3. Dr. Bogdan Donose from the University of Queensland / Advanced Water Management Centre, Australia
  4. Prof. Andrey Shukurov from Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Macromolecular Physics, the Czech Republic.
  5. Mr. Dmitry Podkopaev from Moscow state university of food production, Russia.
  6. Dr. Wojciech Chrzanowski from The University of Sydney, Australia.
  7. Ms. Alpysbayeva Balausa from Laboratory of Engineering Profile, Kazakhstan.
  8. Mr. Filimon Andrei from INCDFM Bucharest, Magurele, Rumania.
  9. Dr. Mikhail V Shaleev from Institute for Physics of Microstructures RAS, Russia.
  10. Dr. Ilona Kopf from School of Chemistry/CRANN, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
  11. Ms. Raluca Gavrila from National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies (IMT-Bucharest), Rumania.
  12. Mr. Reinier Oropesa-Nuñez from Center for Advanced Studies of Cuba.

Our heartiest congratulates to the winners! The winners will get Diplomas and reward points in the bonus program of NanoBOND Club!

NT-MDT wishes everyone further brilliant results!


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