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Magnetic Probes

AFM probes for Magnetic mode (MFM) with CoCr magnetic coating.

628 € (Add to cart)
Set of 15 High resolution long lifetime magnetic probes MFM01, MFM_LM.
MFM01/50 (50 separated chips): 2.150 € (Add to cart)
MFM01/15 (15 separated chips): 690 € (Add to cart)
High resolution long lifetime magnetic probes MFM01 series
MFM_LM/50 (50 separated chips): 3.050 € (Add to cart)
MFM_LM/15 (15 separated chips): 950 € (Add to cart)
Low Moment High Resolution Magnetic probes MFM_LM series
MFM_HC/15 (15 separated chips): 975 € (Add to cart)
MFM_HC/50 (50 separated chips): 3.250 € (Add to cart)
High Coercivity High Resolution Magnetic Probes MFM_HC.
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