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NT-MDT Co. is an organizer and right holder of “ProIMAGE Contest 2012”.
The Jury is assigned by NT-MDT and the jury’s final decision is without appeal.
The ProIMAGE Contest is open to anyone over the age of 18, currently using Scanning Probe Microscopy and being NT-MDT probes customer. All images should meet the contest’s requirements.
Members of the Jury, employees of NT-MDT Co. and its agents, retailers, distributors, suppliers, advertising and promotion agencies and their families are not eligible to participate the Contest.

Each participant can submit as many AFM images as he/she has.




The person entering the competition must be the owner of the AFM images and be able to provide evidence of this on request.

AFM images may not be under consideration for publication or prizes elsewhere.

Only original work may be submitted. If the image has been published, appropriate written permission from the publisher to participate in the Contest, to post the image on a web site, or to any other activity related to this competition must be submitted along with the image.

By submission the image the author transfer the copyright to Organizers. Thereafter submitted images can be used in NT-MDT Co. advertising materials without any compensation to author.




During the Contest each participant submits as many AFM images as he/she has.
The administration considers the image in order to accordance with the rules of the contest.
In the event of a refusal the author will receive an e-mail specifying the impossibility of submission the work. See the potential REFUSAL REASONS below.
If the image is accepted the author will receive a confirming e-mail and the image will be posted on the «ProIMAGE Contest 2012» web-site page.
The participants will submit their AFM images any day of the month using the online submission system.

Throughout the all period every week NT-MDT experts will mark the most interesting AFM images with the special sign and their authors will receieve special bonus - 1500 NanoBONDs in our NanoBOND Club.

Moreover any visitor of «ProIMAGE Contest 2012» web-site may name the images-finalists he likes the best [1].
The authors of the best 12 AFM images will come through to the final and receive the prizes and extra 30 000 NanoBONDs. The best  images will be published in corporate calendar 2013 (anniversary edition).

The information about the winners will be placed on the «ProIMAGE Contest 2012» web-site.




Images and some additional information (author’s personal data, image description, etc) must be submitted using the online submission system. Organizers guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data. No information (except the author name and the image details) will be published without author permission.
Images are entered at the entrants risk and Organizers cannot accept liability for any loss or damage occurring to any images received.

Each image can participate in ProIMAGE Contest only once.




Only electronic files will be accepted. Please do not send your images in another type (photographic prints, slides, CDs etc).

Author names, titles, references to the author or author’s group, etc., should not appear either on the SPM image or in the scientific description caption. Organizers will accept only those images without any graphics/text elements on them (scales, axis, etc).

Electronic image files must be in jpeg (.jpg) and optionally MDT (.mdt)[2]  format, with good image resolution (72 dpi). The maximum jpeg file size must be 1MB per image.


ProIMAGE Contest Organizers may request to the participants images higher resolution for advertising purposes.




Image will be refused in following cases:


The Image doesn’t meet the contest’s requirements specified in IMAGE SUBMISSION and IMAGE FORMATS items.

-          The required fields of Submission form are filled in incorrectly

-          Usage of obscene words in the image description


The organizer may reject images of insufficient  quality or technical implementation without giving reasons.





“ProIMAGE Contest 2012” will start at 02.07.2012 and will be running till 28.09.2012


By participating, winners agree to allow the organization of the ProIMAGE Contest to post their names online as a contest winner without further compensation.


ProIMAGE Contest Organizers save the rights for changing duration of Contest.



Participate in “ProIMAGE Contest 2012!




[1] The author of the image will choose the best name from offered

[2] For NT-MDT AFM users only. The file size is not limited.


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