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Advanced UNISET/50 will be kitted according to your choice: 

  • 10 probes for noncontact/semicontact modes from Etalon or Golden series;
  • 10 probes for force modulation modes from Etalon or Golden series;
  • 10 probes for contact modes from Etalon or Golden series;
  • 5 probes for EFM, SCM, SKM modes from Etalon or Golden series, except DCP model; 
  • 10 probes for SRM and for LAO Lithogpaphy from Etalon or Golden series, except DCP model;
  • 5 probes with high resolution long lifetime magnetic coating from MFM01 or Etalon series with CoFe layer.





Single Crystal Silicon, N-type, 0.01-0.025 Ohm-cm, Antimony doped - Golden series;

Polysilicon lever, monocrystal silicon tip - Etalon series.

Chip size

3.4x1.6x0.3mm - Golden series;

3.4x1.6x0.4mm - Etalon series.

Reflective side


Cantilever number

1 rectangular NSG10, FMG01, CSG10, MFM01 series;
2 rectangular HA_C, HA_NC, HA_HR, HA_FM series;

Tip curvature radius

Typical 6 nm, guaranteed 10 nm for NSG10, CSG10, FMG01, HA_C, HA_NC, HA_HR, HA_FM probes;
25-35 nm for NSG01/Pt, HA_FM/W2C, HA_FM/CoFe;
40 nm for MFM01 probes.

Tip coating

PtIr, Au, W2C+ - for electrical measurements,

CoFe, CoCr - for magnetic measurements.







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