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TERSSET/7 (7 separated chips): 2.030 € (Add to cart)
TERSSET/10 (10 separated chips): 2.900 € (Add to cart)
Excellent and Reliable TERS Cantilever-type Probes
The main advantages:
– Enhancement factors: 100x and more
– Lateral resolution in TERS: down to 10 nm
– High speed TERS mapping
– Top-down illumination configuration (opaque samples)
– Based on commercial AFM cantilevers VIT_P series (contact, non-contact), multiple AFM modes, excellent imaging performance.
Fig. 1 Typical Raman signal enhancement (>100x) of NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments TERS AFM probe.
Fig. 2  High resolution TERS map. Resolution: ~20 nm.
Sample: BCB thin molecular layer on Au substrate.
Fig. 3 High resolution TERS map of carbon nanotubes on Au substrate. Resolution: ~10 nm


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