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HA_NC/W2C/15 (15 separated chips): 390 € (Add to cart)
HA_NC/W2C/50 (50 separated chips): 1.020 € (Add to cart)
ETALON is a new series of excellent composite AFM probes.
In terms of quality-to-price ratio, it has no analogues in the world market.
High Accuracy High Resonance frequency noncontact AFM probes HA_NC series with stable and wear-resistant long lifetime W2C conductive coating.
The main advantages of W2C coated probes are:
  • Hard coating which stays stable at applied high voltages and flowing currents at the contact point ‘tip-sample’ which cannot be received with standard metal coated probes (Fig.1-3);

  • High conductivity (close to metal conductivity);

  • Typical curvature radius less than 35nm;

  • W2C+ was modified by volume doping with anticorrosion elements thus providing long-term performance in high humidity conditions.


Our investigations in december 2015 approved great stability of W2C+ coated probes under high voltage, current and tip-sample pressure. AFM cantilevers showed to be able measure current of several mkA during the whole scan without any degradation. The same excellent performance continued after 100 I-V curves by the range +/- 10V.


Specification of HA_NC/W2C probe series:
 Polysilicon lever,
 monocrystal silicon tip
 Chip size  3.6 x 1.6 x 0.4 mm

 Reflective side

 Tip side

 Au (20-30 nm)

 W2C (20-30 nm)

 Cantilever number  2 rectangular
 Tip shape  Octahedral at the base, conic on the last 200 nm
 Tip cone angle φ  30 degrees on the last 200 nm
 Full tip height  ≥10 µm
 Pedestal/tip ratio  1:1
 Tip curvature radius  less than 35 nm




Cantilever type A B Typical dispersion
Length, L (µm) 94 124 ± 2
Width, W (µm) 34 34 ± 3
Thickness, H (µm) 1.85 1.85 ± 0.15
Force Constant (N/m) 12 3.5 ±20%
Resonant frequency (kHz) 235 140 ± 10%



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