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ETALON is a new series of excellent composite AFM probes.
In terms of quality-to-price ratio, it has no analogues in the world market.
Supplied with Au reflective coating, available without tips, with no coatings, with conductive coatings of the tip.
HA_CNC cantilevers include an interesting combination of properties for both contact and non-contact operation. Their resonance frequency and Q-factor work excellently in oscillatory modes, while their force constant is dramatically smaller than any other cantilevers for oscillatory modes. This allows the probes to scan in a non-destructive regime, performing a soft approach in non-contact mode and clear scans in contact. 

Due to the medium meanings of force constant and resonant frequency the probes can be used in contact, semicontact and noncontact modes.
Specially designed for the applications when it's not clearly defined which mode should be used for sample investigation or when it's necessary to provide measurements in both modes of the same sample area without tip remove.

Specification of HA_CNC probe series:

 Polysilicon lever,
 monocrystal silicon tip
 Chip size  3.6 x 1.6 x 0.4 mm
 Reflective side  Au
 Cantilever number  2 rectangular
 Tip shape  Octahedral at the base, conic on the last 200 nm
 Tip cone angle φ  30 degrees on the last 200nm
 Full tip height  ≥10 µm
 Pedestal/tip ratio  1:1
 Tip curvature radius  less than 10nm





Cantilever type A B Typical dispersion
Length, L (µm) 224 184 ± 2
Width, W (µm) 34 34 ± 3
Thickness, H (µm) 1.85 1.85 ± 0.15
Force Constant (N/m) 1.0 1.5 ±20%
Resonant frequency (kHz) 46 66 ± 10%


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