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TERS Silicon Probes

Thanks to TERS (Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering), NTEGRA Spectra II allows spectroscopy / microscopy with nanometer spatial resolution. Specially manufactured AFM probes (nanoantennes) can be used in TERS to localize and amplify radiation in the nanometer region near the tip of the probe. Such nanoantennes act as "nano-sources" of radiation, making it possible to obtain an optical image with a resolution of magnitude better than the diffraction limit (up to ~ 10 nm), which makes it possible to map the distribution of optical properties

TERSSET/7 (7 separated chips): 2.030 € (Add to cart)
TERSSET/10 (10 separated chips): 2.900 € (Add to cart)
TERS probes based on AFM Top Visual cantilevers provide TERS (and AFM) performance in Semicontact/Noncontact mode, uncoated, resonant frequency 200-400 kHz, force constant 25-95 N/m.
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