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05.04.2021, NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments has prepared a scientific digest on PFM

Piezoresponce Force Microscopy (PFM) is an AFM mode which probes the mechanical deformation of a sample in response to an electric field which is applied between tip and sample. It allows to visualize ferroelectric domains, perform direct measurement of piezoelectric coefficients, study the dynamics of domain walls, etc. with high spatial resolution. These studies are essential for understanding the nature of new functional materials and devices for optoelectronics, data storage, medical diagnostics, actuators, etc. In this scientific digest we present the collection of most remarkable works done by the world leading scientific groups during last two years in the field of PFM with the help of our instrumentation.

24.11.2020, Last Сhance to Submit Your Abstract at SNAIA2020 Conference

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Dear collegues,

NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments is happy to invite you to annual SNAIA Conference on Smart Nanomaterials taking place virtually in École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris, Paris Tech from 8th to 11th of December 2020.
Abstract submission is prolonged till December the 1st. Don’t miss your chance to submit your work here!
The Conference Proceedings will be published in IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series (indexed in Scopus and WoS).

The STEMM Smart Nanomaterials Conference Series is a unique, established science-to-technology networking platform covering the most exciting emerging fields in smart technologies. It gives the opportunity to present to, share knowledge with, and establish links between leading experts from academia and industry.

SNAIA 2020 Scientific Program Focus

- Design of and Fundamental Research on Nanomaterials

- Development of Fabrication and Synthesis Processes

- Testing and Characterisation in Lab and Industrial Fab Environments
- Road to Commercialisation and Implementation in the Market

For more information please visit SNAIA.EU

See you online!
SNAIA 2020 Conference Official Partner

16.11.2020, NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments has prepared a scientific digest on SNOM

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