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Technical specification

HOPG ZYB Quality - Mosaic Spread: 0.6-1.0 degrees

HOPG piece has a top working layer with mosaic spread 0.6-1.0 degrees and a base layer (about 1mm) with not specified mosaic spread quality. To mark the non-working HOPG piece side the green dot is used.



Size, mm2

Thickness of working layer, mm





To clean and smooth the graphite sample, do the following:

a. Stick a piece of the adhesive tape (slightly wider than the sample) on the surface of the graphite sample.

b. Smooth it out to remove air bubbles.

c. With an abrupt movement remove the adhesive tape together with the top layer of graphite. The molecular layers of graphite have a spalling angle in relation to the surface layer, at which the layers are easily removed. Therefore the smoothness of the surface will depend on the direction, in which you remove a layer. Find the best direction to obtain the smoothest surface and remember (or mark) it, to use it later for cleaning the surface of pyrolitic graphite samples.































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